Herrera Confidential by CAROLINA HERRERA

Herrera Confidential by CAROLINA HERRERA

The Herrera Confidential series by the iconic Carolina Herrera House is an ode to the mother-daughter relationship as it is dedicated to the renowned designer by her daughter.

It was very important for Carolina Andriana Herrera, creative director of Carolina Herrera fragrances, to pay tribute to her mother's elegance and impeccable style. "What I have always admired about my mother is that she has her own style. She remains true to what she is, she is timeless in a world that is constantly changing. At any given moment, she knows what is best for every occasion and her choice is always magical".

She explains that her work is a proof of her quest for the world, her desire to experiment and learn, and her quest for perfection. These three aspects define her character, which she inherited from her mother 's energetic and lively personality. Carolina Herrera says how happy she is to be a part of her daughter's work and says: "I know I am your mother and that is why you think you have inherited these aspects from me, but knowledge is always mutual. I admire your dedication, your plans and ideas and especially the way you apply them ".

Mom and daughter report that they are united by a strong empathy, but also by their common tastes and their travels around the world!

The Herrera Confidential line consists of 9 Eau de Parfum fragrances, 6 Eau de Toilette fragrances, 3 Middle Eastern inspired fragrances and 7 aromatic oils!

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