Midnight Recovery Concentrate by KIEHL’S

Midnight Recovery Concentrate by KIEHL’S

During the night sleep, our skin’s "clock", known as the circadian rhythm, coordinates the remedial processes to fight the signs of aging that become more visible during the day. This process is very important for repairing the skin from oxidative stress and the attacks of its protective barrier. The modern "constantly connected" lifestyle, which often includes an average of more than 13 hours in front of a screen, disrupts this natural cycle, disrupting the quality of our sleep. So, the skin becomes more and more difficult to repair visibly until the morning, resulting in looking dry, dull, and uneven.

Fortunately for us, Kiehl’s chemists have the solution.
A new clinical trial has shown that the favorite and classic Midnight Recovery Concentrate (MRC) facial oil helps to visibly correct the signs that cause 30 days of poor-quality sleep, in just 3 nights! For the first time, Kiehl’s chemists have discovered the biological effects of sleep deprivation on the skin in a groundbreaking sleep study to assess the effects of sleep deprivation on the skin. The study showed that using MRC at night fights all the signs of aging associated with lack of sleep, improves shine and texture, and reduces fine lines.

"These studies show that chronic sleep deprivation, which disrupts the circadian rhythm, can lead to accelerated signs of aging," says Dr. Meghan O’Brien, Global Consulting Dermatologist at Kiehl’s. "To help my patients fight this phenomenon, I suggest them to follow a specific sleep schedule, the key is consistency! Engage in a "good night's sleep" and create a relaxing evening ritual that includes, among other things, your skin care. "You can easily incorporate MRC into your beauty routine to help your skin visibly repair itself overnight."

The ultra-light Midnight Recovery Concentrate, one of the first facial oils on the market, contains a high concentration of herbal extracts such as evening primrose oil, lavender essential oil and squalane.

Lavender essential oil
Aromatic essential oil rich in antioxidants. Helps skin look radiant and prepares it for sleep.

Evening primrose oil
By its nature rich in omega fatty acids, it helps maintain the skin's protective barrier, leaving the skin rejuvenated and smooth.

It is used as a solubilizing ingredient and contributes to the softness and hydration of the skin.

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