MY WAY! The new fragrance by GIORGIO ARMANI BEAUTY

MY WAY! The new fragrance by GIORGIO ARMANI BEAUTY

Giorgio Armani Beauty presents MY WAY, a bright fragrance enriched with white flowers that opens a new chapter in femininity and reflects the house's commitment to sustainability.
It is a strong and unique statement to follow our own path. So much more than a name, MY WAY reflects how life's journeys, whether geographical or emotional, shape our character and through the people we meet and the moments we live, we create our own unique life story. Representing a personal search mood, the MY WAY perfume reflects the "I am what I live" philosophy.

The presentation of the MY WAY fragrance marks a turning point in Giorgio Armani Beauty's ongoing project focusing on reducing its environmental impact and combating climate change: "I believe that today we all need to be more concerned with environmental issues than ever before. "We cannot ignore the fact that the future of future generations depends on our choices." Giorgio Armani

The use of recycled and recyclable materials, the sustainable supply of ingredients and the innovative refill system of the perfume bottle, reflect the ecological consciousness and the actions of Giorgio Armani Beauty during the creation of the MY WAY perfume. Thanks to the combination of these actions and the protection of 6,500 acres of rainforest in Madagascar, the MY WAY fragrance achieves a neutral carbon balance. As a result of a new 5-year action plan, Giorgio Armani Beauty is also committed to reducing its carbon footprint by an additional 25% and achieving a neutral carbon balance for all its products by 2025.

MY WAY’s philosophy is fully embodied by the American actress Adria Arjona, whose personality and life story are characterized by an open mind to new experiences and encounters. In addition to MY WAY, Adria will represent Giorgio Armani Beauty as a face for makeup products. "Adria Arjona is a traveler, a young woman today. Smart, without prejudices, independent and able to appreciate every life experience. She is a citizen of the world who, thanks to her authentic experiences and socializing, can really say: I am what I live. " Giorgio Armani

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