PACO RABANNE | Invictus Platinum & Olympéa Solar

PACO RABANNE | Invictus Platinum & Olympéa Solar


Invictus. New beginnings.
Back in 2013, Paco Rabanne dropped a (legendary) bomb: Invictus. An unapologetic vision of victorious masculinity. A powerful fragrance, known the world over.

With everyday winners firmly in mind (and heart), perfumer Domitille has crafted a scent reminiscent of unwavering grit, of energy made liquid. A fragrance that undoubtedly stimulates the senses and pushes you to your limits. Designed as a greatness-booster, this invigorating elixir explodes with elegant lavender, the flowers representing purity, grace and devotion. Lavender’s impressive purple shade is also associated with the crown chakra, the energy center for higher purpose – for greatness.

The scent is laced with an intense minty freshness, which symbolizes virtue in the language of flowers. Vibrating on a high note, juicy, invigorating grapefruit stirred with absinth leads the way to the rich, masculine tones of patchouli, which grounds and balances, alongside cypress – the tree with an impressive height, standing between earth and the world beyond, inviting us to ponder the deeper meaning of our life experience. A woody finish is the perfect ending to this complex cocktail of power and confidence. For the new Invictus man.  

There’s a radical quality to the aromatic, earthy and addictive juice. With a nod to the original Invictus (all hail the King), the new Platinum variation balances dense minerality and smokiness, bringing a more contemporary, empowered signature to the fragrance line. Naturally, the scent is vegan and it has been composed with ingredients of 90% natural origin, drawing from the Earth that shapes us.


Olympea. New beginnings.
Back in 2015, Paco Rabanne proudly presented its new fragrance, Olympea. She embodied Rabanne’s conception of a contemporary femininity, intertwined with the myth of sports.  Olympéa 2022 is coming. Rebooted and reprogrammed, a fragrance radically rewritten for the next decade – and beyond. Meet an entirely new cast, set to make this chapter even more electrifying. It’s time to begin. 

For the dazzling new fragrance, perfumer Anne Flipo worked with a gorgeous olfactory vision: that of a field of flowers, sparkling under the sun’s zenith. 

She writes the code. Starting with bright citrus, the sparkling energy of mandarin peel and orange, which feels like a smile, comforting and bedazzling all at once. Orange, associated with joy, sunshine and the tropics, represents for Paco Rabanne, enthusiasm, creativity, happiness and determination. In heraldics, the color indicates one’s strength and endurance. 

Rapidly, the scent’s top notes transform into a majestic solar accord of stunning ylang-ylang, bright heady white blossom and exotic, sensual gardenia at the heart. The latter symbolizes purity and gentleness, a harbinger of good luck since the 18th century. Not that she needs it. She’s got this. 

Then it hits you. She’s a goddess. The minerality of oakmoss brings a dimension of invincibility, supported by the addition of fragrant benzoin at its base. It’s a subtle clash, one that embraces a radiant bouquet of florals with the arresting sexiness of aromatics. Composed with ingredients of 90% natural origin, it is a vegan scent, in harmony with the earth – just like her.

One thing’s for sure: Olympéa Solar fully transports you to the perfect shiny spot on a radiant day. It’s sexy. It’s unapologetic. It exists to make you feel in tune with your inner beauty.  

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