Pure Jasmine the fragrance of new female icons by TRUSSARDI

Pure Jasmine the fragrance of new female icons by TRUSSARDI

One year after the launch of Trussardi, the eco-friendly fragrance for strong, emancipated women that is in the forefront of environmental protection, Pure Jasmine makes its debut. It's a new episode in the thrilling series that Trussardi Parfums is dedicating to the values of modern femininity.

“We sought to create a striking signature scent that reveals the character of the woman wearing it. Pure Jasmine is our declaration of modernity and femininity," said Julie Massè and Violaine Collas, two talented, young perfumers of Mane (the world's oldest essence house) who formulated the fragrance according to Green MotionTM, the revolutionary sustainability project that begins with the organic cultivation of raw materials and ends with the extraction of olfactory molecules based on the most advanced concepts of environmental protection.

For example, the Champak flower present in the heart notes of Pure Jasmine is processed using a new version of the enfleurage technique (called E-Pure Jungle EssenceTM) that produces an exquisite extract with green, floral, and powdery notes and an undertone of honey. The Champak flower, which symbolizes happiness in India and blooms twice a year during the monsoon season and in spring, is a precious gift in nature.

Meanwhile, olfactory molecules like MuganeTM which in Pure Jasmine boosts the jasmine in the heart notes of the fragrance, are strictly hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

The bottle and packaging also have this important green attitude. Therefore, most of the components of the bottle are recycled and recyclable, while the glass-making process has a low environmental impact (PEF) thanks to the use of a production technology that increases energy efficiency by 20%. The elegant cylindrical box used for the packaging has FSC certification.

This is a new perfume for new women but with an incomparable level in elegance, Italian style, and an attention to detail that is in the DNA of the brand of the greyhound.

The Eau de Parfum belongs to the chypre white floral family.
The top notes open with the luminous verve of bergamot that blends with a fresh salty pistachio accord and the unexpected richness of neroli.
An intrepid and unexpected character that passes from the woman to the fragrance and vice versa strongly emerges in the heart notes (Champaca JeTM, Jasmine Absolute, MuganeTM).
Hidden in the base notes (Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Vanilla) is the secret to the fragrance’s exceptional persistence.

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