SHISEIDO | 150 Years of Japanese Innovation and Beauty

SHISEIDO | 150 Years of Japanese Innovation and Beauty

Only absolute dedication creates true beauty

For 150 years, Shiseido has focused on discovering the most advanced scientific achievements with cutting-edge technologies and incomparable aesthetics to bring out women's inner and outer beauty.

From the past to the present

"Today, we celebrate and honor true beauty, the beauty that gives us confidence and makes us feel free and full of life. At Shiseido we do not treat the skin just as a part of the body, but as a point of contact that bridges the entire body to the outside world. Therefore, our core research focuses on the interaction of the skin with the three main systems that affect it. The immune system, nervous system & microcirculation”.

Historical Review - 150 years of history

Source, Life & Home. These three words, along with Shiseido's three values, inspired the group, that was founded in 1872 by Arinobu Fukuhara. From the first Japanese pharmacy in Ginza, Tokyo and the introduction of toothpaste to Japan, to the 8 research and development centers around the world and the innovative formulations of the products. In 1923, Shiseido introduced sunscreen products, which were still unknown in Japan until then. While the "red" beginning in the history takes place in 1897, with Eudermine, the special lotion for the skin, which derives its name from the Greek words "eu" and "skin". Shiseido's history continues in 1917 with Hanatsubaki, which means "camellia" & which will be the first perfume ever created by a Japanese. In 1957, the first Shiseido store was established in Taiwan. A milestone was in 1985, when Shiseido became the first Japanese company to produce biotechnological hyaluronic acid for cosmetic use on a larger scale. Today, in the year 2022, Shiseido starts a new revolution with MolecuShift technology, which makes it possible for the first time in cosmetology by exploiting the properties of hyaluronic acid.

A limited Edition Anniversary Collection

To celebrate 150 years of pioneering, innovation & commitment, Shiseido unveils three generations of iconic products, each with an original design created by Sue Yabe, a member of the design department. Each in turn symbolizes heritage, innovation & the future.

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