SHISEIDO unveils the new Ultimune, with Úrsula Corberó as the new Global Ambassador

SHISEIDO unveils the new Ultimune, with Úrsula Corberó as the new Global Ambassador

Shiseido signs the global POWER IS IN YOU campaign with Úrsula Corberó as the new Global Ambassador and protagonist of the campaign and invites us to express the power of beauty that changes society for the better. Through the global POWER IS IN YOU campaign, it reveals the new Ultimune, the # 1 anti-aging serum with renewed composition and innovative technology.

Úrsula Corberó, is the new Shiseido Global Ambassador and the main protagonist of the campaign that together with Megan Rapinoe & Hikaru Utada, aims to empower people around the world by highlighting the power of inner beauty that can and does change society towards better.
With a variety of backgrounds in art, social activism and sports, and dynamic stories that align with Shiseido values, the three protagonists approach beauty through a vision of courage and inner strength, in a series of inspired Power Talks films.
New lifestyles vary and people interact differently around the world. More and more people are degrading their pursuit of material prosperity and finding value in products or actions that build self-esteem and praise diversity.

They seek true value for themselves and the world around them. The need for a "holistic care" that treats the skin and soul in a more fundamental and personal way becomes even greater as we spend more time at home and pay more attention to ourselves.
Along with the new ULTIMUNE, the POWER IS IN YOU campaign seeks to empower each of us to release our inner energy, activate our own beauty and use it as a beautiful force in the world.

Beauty stems from a positive mood. It is a sense of energy, a sense of vitality. If you want something very much, you must try it. If you make a mistake, remember that life is not perfect. After all, beauty is not perfect. By Úrsula Corberó

Beauty for me is something very personal. We can not define what is beautiful for someone else. Everyone must find the beauty that is hidden inside. By Megan Rapinoe

Inner beauty means having the courage to be honest with yourself. Empowering ourselves means knowing and believing in ourselves. By Hikaru Utada

Through their unique personalities and lifestyles, each of the global ambassadors expresses the message of the new Shiseido campaign. With their positive pulse and their inspiring words, they invite us to seek our inner strength, to highlight our inner beauty and to turn it into a beautiful force that can change society for the better.

Shiseido's long-term commitment to leading scientific research is revolutionizing the iconic Ultimune beauty serum. Based on more than 25 years of pioneering research, ImuGenerationREDTM technology incorporating the LifeBlood μελέ study marks a major innovation that connects the skin's internal defenses with the pulse of vitality to bring the skin in perfect condition.
Its powerful composition promises double anti-aging action for healthier, stronger skin. Now and in the future.

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