Y Eau de Toilette by YVES SAINT LAURENT

Y Eau de Toilette by YVES SAINT LAURENT

A new source of coolness

It is the first letter of Yves Saint Laurent's name. A question. An answer. It is Y. A bold rock approach to the most emblematic family of men's perfumes: the fougére. Created by one of the most famous perfumers, Master Perfumer Dominique Ropion (IFF).

Today, the house of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté proudly presents an impressive version of its emblematic perfume: Y EAU DE TOILETTE, a metallic and woody fougére that contrasts the aromatic Lavender with sensual woods... A new intensity. A blue wave of sexy freshness.

Cool and at the same time, powerful, Y EAU DE TOILETTE offers an excellent 12-hour duration with one touch. Easy to wear. Easily loved. Cooler, hotter and longer lasting than ever.


Y EAU DE TOILETTE captures a new, more personal moment in the story of the Y man, embodied by the Y emblematic ambassador, Lenny Kravitz. A fearless explorer who dares to live by his own rules.

Why; Because he absolutely accepts everything that he is. His motto: "To determine where you are going, you must first find out where you come from."


With Y EAU DE TOILETTE, Master Perfumer Dominique Ropion unleashed his creativity to present a stunning new version of Y that returns to the roots of the fragrance: the tension between "pure" and sexy that characterizes the fougére family . And he actually created one of the perfumes, that have made him famous in the perfumery industry. A composition designed with such precision that each note is coordinated with the others, to enhance the incredible aura, the special signature and the impressive duration of the perfume.

"Y Eau de Toilette is a metallic and woody fougére with intense freshness," says Dominique Ropion. "The note reveals a fragrant heart of pure Lavender and cool Geranium hovering over a metallic Ambra accord, a deep, sexy and masculine Lebanese note and sensual woody notes."

Master Perfumer enhanced the freshness of the original fragrance by adding a touch of Bergamot to the icy gingerbread and the cool green breeze of Geranium Madagascar's heart. The coolest and most durable brother of Triandafyllos, the Geranium produced especially for the YSL Beauté house reveals its floral power through a special distillation process.

When the base notes emerge, the fragrance becomes more fiery and sexier, thanks to the Cedarwood Oil added by Dominique Ropion. Deep and lively, this powerful wood is enhanced by an irresistible dose of Vanilla accord — it is like a melody you can only fall in love with…

"Clean" has never been so sexy. The freshness has never been so hot. Y EAU DE TOILETTE.

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