Against the sun!

Against the sun!

The sun, source of life! As beneficial as it is for the human body, it can be just as dangerous. Excessive sun exposure can cause serious damage to our skin and it is known that daily use of sunscreen is imperative to protect it from sunlight. The sun is always and everywhere! We are not only in danger when we swim, do water sports, or sunbathe. We are in danger even when we are just walking on the street in the city. Sun protection is a must in our daily skincare routine, so we can enjoy the sun safely. But we do not forget the frequent renewal during the day, using a mist or a powder with SPF.

So, we present you the best sunscreens to choose the one that suits your needs.

Against Dark Spots
Ideal Soleil Anti-Dark Spots SPF50+ VICHY

Gives uniformity directly thanks to the metallic pigments. Corrects blemishes day by day thanks to its composition which is enriched with Phe-Resorcinol, an active ingredient against blemishes and protects against UVB / UVA radiation.

In powder form
Compact Teinté SPF50 + AVÈNE

Sun protection and make-up, dore shade, for intolerant facial skin. Before each sun exposure, apply evenly to skin. Update applications frequently in case of prolonged exposure and after each bath.

For sensitive skin
Bee Sun Safe Moisturizing Face Cream Gel SPF50 APIVITA

Sunscreen for high protection with a light, non-greasy, cream-gel texture, which is immediately absorbed and leaves the skin fresh and hydrated. It offers a wide range of photoprotection from UVA, UVB, IR and BLUE LIGHT rays with a photostable combination of filters. Gives instant hydration that lasts and a feeling of freshness with seaweed, aloe and hyaluronic acid and is dermatologically tested suitable for sensitive skin.

For oily skin
Sun Screen Velvet Face SPF50 + FREZYDERM

An innovative transparent sun protection for the face with a unique cosmetic behavior and excellent application with one touch. Thanks to the revolutionary innovation Second Skin Technology, its unique composition leaves a velvety feeling on the skin, offers a matte look for 6 hours, absorbing sebum and smoothing the appearance of wrinkles. Its transparent, non-greasy texture does not leave a white tinge and makes it an excellent base for makeup. Prevents the signs of photoaging and protects against discoloration caused by sun exposure.

With color for a matte effect
Anthelios Invisible Tinted Fluid SPF50 + LA ROCHE-POSAY

Sunscreen face cream with ultra protection, ultra thin texture, ultra durable, invisible. Very high protection of a wide range (UVA, UVB, Infrared and Air pollution) for the face. Ultra resistant to water, sweat and sand protection. For all skin types, ideal even for sensitive skin and skin that is allergic to the sun.

Against wrinkles
Sunissime Slim Protection Cream Total Anti-Aging SPF50 + LIERAC

The 1st anti-aging sunscreen line that offers a wide range of protection while toning the skin. Protects the skin and prevents all visible signs of photoaging: wrinkles, sagging skin, blemishes.

Extra Tip!
Enhance your summer look and protection with After Sun products that seal your beloved tan even more! 😊

Enjoy the summer and the sun without fear through the huge variety of face and body sunscreens that you will find in the Hondos Center stores but also online at our eSHOP.
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