Miss Kay presents a colorful palette of fragrances to match every mood, style and the freedom to change your perfume as often as your mood.
There are scents for every story. Scents you can see. Scents that express who you are. So simple and fun. Your scent in a story.
Your Story. Your Scent.
Perfume Stories
Perfume is much more than a blend of ingredients. Perfume is another way to express yourself.
Each Miss Kay perfume tells a story, each scent different and unique, allowing you to express your style, vibe and emotion in every moment.
You can feel the perfume’s story through its unique scent, design and moodboard.

Perfume on the go
Sized at a convenient 25ml, Miss Kay are the perfect on-the-go perfumes. Just throw a bottle (or more!) in your purse and use anywhere, anytime.

Pure Quality Perfume
Miss Kay opens up a complete world of high quality fragrances – pure eau de parfum essence made in Italy.

Why stop at one?
Create your perfume wardrobe with the complete variety of fragrances to choose from. Fall in love with as many different fragrances, whenever the mood strikes!

Launch Promotion
Buy and 2 Miss Kay perfumes, and receive a gorgeous Make Up Bag*!

*While Stocks last. Gifts are available at local Hondos Center stores.

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