Back to s-cool! The arrival of autumn and the start of schools mark the beggining of new moments and activities.
However, skin care should not be omitted from the daily routine, as young skin needs intensive care and treatment. Give your face the proper care and get ready for new creative days this season!

Face Cleanser for Instant Rejuvenation
Face cleansing is the most important step, especially in cases where the skin is sensitive. With the ideal cleanser, impurities are successfully removed and the epidermal barrier is restored. The young bundle needs intensive cleaning to remove the grease. At the same time, cleansing helps to soothe the skin. Discover the facial cleanser that suits you, so that you can have glowing and healthy skin.

Extra Tip:
Treat the early signs of acne by taking the advice of your dermatologist. Use  a facial cleanser suitable for youthful acne.

Facial mask for elasticity and shine

Discover the right face mask that suits your needs. The nutrients and cool texture will provide you with deep hydration. Use a face mask for glowing skin and freshness, so that you can enjoy the new days of autumn, with a pleasant mood and a light feeling.

Hydration in the morning and at night
Young skin needs hydration as well as cleansing. A quality and rich in texture face cream, will offer you a soft feeling and deep nourishment. The skin of the face is stressed a lot during the day, due to the activities. Restore the natural moisture, using a day cream and a night cream, rich in nutrients. The freshness will make your face glow!

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