Endless Summer Tan

Endless Summer Tan

How will you maintain your tan after the end of the summer holidays?

The holidays for some of you may have already finished but for others go on. Returning to our daily routine we will all want to keep something of the summer apart from the beautiful memories of beaches and countryside!
What is this? Our tan is what we want to maintain for as long as possible! So, let's take a closer look at some of the most useful tips on how to "keep up with the summer!"

During the summer, our skin needs more hydration and care. The heat, sunlight and the excretion of sweat make it imperative for extra hydration so that our skin does not look dull. The better way is to apply body butter or body lotion two times a day in order to maintain the tan for longer!
Extra tip: Mix equal amount of moisturizing body cream with self -tan. In this way you will get a tan product that prolong the tan evenly!

Water is your ally in this effort! As hydration starts from inside, you must better drink plenty of water on a daily basis ! Yes, you may wait eagerly to go home and enjoy a hot water bath, but if you want to extend your tan, don't! The very hot water dehydrates the skin, stimulates cell regeneration, so the skin "peels" . So, prefer a warm and cool shower!
Extra tip: Just before you leave the bathroom, apply some body oil, rinse and wipe it off!

Peeling is an important step for a healthy and glowing skin appearance as it removes dead cells from the skin and leaves it velvety! But beware! In order to maintain the tan you need a gentle scrub that you will not scrub on the skin but apply in circular motions. At the same time limit its use to once a week.
Extra tip: Avoid lemon-containing scrub as it has whitening properties and will have the opposite effect.

Don't forget to wear sunscreen when you enjoy the sun! The gradual tan is deeper and lasts longer while the sunscreen not only protects but also moisturizes your skin! Also enhance the summer look with After Sun products that seal your beloved tan even further!
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