Glowing Skin Routine

Glowing Skin Routine

Do not neglect the morning-night cleansing routine!
When you return home, the first thing that will relax you is to clean your face from the make-up that has been working as a shield against dirt, dust and sweat all day. Wash your face thoroughly and you will immediately feel the tiredness of the day go away. For morning cleansing you can use a mild, gentle cleanser, but at night you need a cleanser that will help you remove your makeup without rubbing and hurting your skin, like an oil-based facial cleanser. For even more effective and deep cleansing, a "double cleansing" using a water-based facial cleanser after an oil cleanser, will help you remove any dirt and oils from your skin pores.

Put exfoliation in your skincare routine!
Remove the dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin and deprive it of its radiance, incorporating gentle exfoliation into your skincare routine. At least twice a week you need to do a gentle exfoliation to drive away the dead cells that make the skin look dull and tired. You will see a big difference in the texture of the skin that will become smoother and silkier!

Face and eye mask to the rescue!
After cleansing and exfoliating, it's time to let the face and eye masks work! Face masks are an important ally for the care and treatment of facial skin. Depending on the ingredients and features that each face mask contains, it can moisturize, cleanse, renew and give radiance to the skin. Now you will find night masks that work during the night sleep for even more hydration. The ideal choice after a long day, is a mask of radiance and hydration while for the eyes the eye patches have their honor!

Hydration again and again!
The daily and proper hydration morning - night, is the biggest beauty secret for every skin, for every age and for every need! It is the A and the Z of skincare. Choosing the moisturizer that meets the needs of your face, is one of the most important moves regarding your beauty routine.

Face oils!
In the skincare ritual, the oils that act in depth, even in the deepest layers of the skin, have a prominent place. Apply a small amount before bed which will work all night and will work in addition to the moisturizer. The results will be spectacular!
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