Good hair day, every day!

Good hair day, every day!

Good hair day, every day! Styling your hair becomes an easy, and why not, everyday habit.
Healthy hair, strong grip, hairstyles that steal impressions, easy-peasy from the comfort of your home!
Create unique hairstyles by following the next beauty steps!

Make wavy hair your signature look and captivate the room whatever the occasion.
1. Prepare your hair with the TRESemmé Blowdry Protection Spray.
2. Divide your hair into small sections.
3. Place the Gold Classic Styler vertically on your hair and rotate it 180 degrees.
4. Glide the Styler down your hair.
5. Release the Styler, leaving the end straight.
6. Repeat until all hair is waved.
7. Complete the look by combing your hair with Oval Dressing Brush.
8. For the finishing touch, spray the TRESemmé Hairspray 4 Extra Hold for a perfect frizz-less grip.

Beauty tip: The secret to perfect wavy hair is NOT to focus attention on the top or the edges of your hair. Keep the edges straight and the top natural.

Beauty tip II: Use curling iron at the smallest, possible temperature. So, you will keep your hair healthier and you can adjust the styling according to your taste and needs.

Keep your look simple and timeless. A satin finish gives a modern touch to this timeless look. With the right products you can achieve the desired glossy style.
1. Prepare your hair with the TRESemmé Heat Protection Spray Keratin.
2. Dry your hair with the help of Air Professional Hairdryer and the 45mm ceramic-barrelled brush.
3. Section remaining hair and clip away.
4. Straighten each section with the GHD Platinum + Black.
5. Repeat step 4 until all hair is straightened and you are ready to go.

Creating the perfect curls takes brains not brawn! With the new GHD curve collection, creating the ultimate curls has never been easier – the hard part is choosing your favorite style!
1. Prepare your hair with the TRESemmé Blowdry Protection Spray.
2. Divide your hair into two large sections and then divide each side into smaller ones.
3. Start on your left side, wrapping each section around the Classic Curl Tong and hold for 5-8 seconds.
4. Curl your right section in the opposite direction.
5. Continue the process in all sections up to the top.
6. Comb them gently.
7. Complete the look by spraying them with a glow spray and the TRESemmé Hairspray 5 Freeze Hold.
Special tip: Don't forget that A and Z for healthy, strong hair full of shine, movement and vitality are the treatment before and after the styling! A recovery hair mask or a repair cream with cold press avocado oil restores your hair. If you have dyed your hair a color caring mask with 100% cold-pressed pomegranate oil is exactly what damaged dyed hair need and it will help them remain healthy and soft.

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