How to do your makeup in 5, 7 & 10 minutes

How to do your makeup in 5, 7 & 10 minutes

Some mornings are harder than others. Like the ones you never heard the alarm clock, but you still need to leave your house at your best. So, here’s some makeup routines to always look phenomenal without needing more than ten minutes for the desired result!
Let's get started!

After a quick facial wash, applying a moisturizing day cream is a given. Add a thin layer of sunscreen for extra protection and you're ready to start your makeup!

5-minute makeup
If you have only 5 minutes at your disposal, you can skip the sunscreen and use a light foundation with a protection factor instead, to unify the tone and texture of your skin. Using your fingers, place the concealer under your eyes to cover the dark circles and to brighten your eyes, while also covering any small defects. Make a quick pass of mascara on your eyelashes and use a multi-player product such as a lipstick, that can be used and to give shine like blush but also as a shadow, and you are ready!

7-minute makeup
Two extra minutes are more than enough to boost your makeup. And how can you do that? By grooming the frame of your face, your eyebrows! Naturally accentuate their shape and color, without exaggerations, without sharp edges and tight frame.

10-minute makeup
And if you think that 7 minutes are enough for a prompt yet perfect makeup, within 10 minutes you can do wonders! After finishing your makeup, pamper your eyebrows, have time for one more touch that will enliven and bring out the features of your face! Using highlighter is the magic touch you need! For more shine, pass the highlighter to your cheekbones and the inner corners of your eyes and you will immediately look happier and relaxed!

With those tips, you will be able to spare some time of your morning beauty routine to enjoy a delicious breakfast that will fill you with energy and appetite to start your day vigorously! You should never forget that beauty comes from within!
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