Spring is in the Air!

Spring is in the Air!

We can officially say "Spring is in the Air" with all the beautiful smells wafting from nature and welcoming this springtime setting.

What does spring smell like?

There are many fragrances associated with spring. Our sense of smell comes alive with the change of weather. The gardens begin to bloom and the rain warms along with the air. We are starting to move away from the warm indoors and spend more time in the great outdoors. We leave behind strong woody aromas in search of light and fresh aromas. Being around this exciting change challenges our sense of smell and creates strong memories.

Spring flowers smell like spring: fresh, green and delicate. While many of the spring flowers are fragrant, it is not actually possible to extract their fragrance due to the delicate nature of these flowers.

Olympéa Flora Eau De Parfum PACO RABANNE

The pop pink bouquet matches a thorny rose with a fresh-petaled peony, expressing two divine facets of femininity. Dangerous flowers, blooming black and pink in her secret garden.

Bronze Goddess Eau Lumiere Eau De Parfum ESTÉE LAUDER

Notes of dreamy Tuberose and earthy Cristal Moss deepen the fragrance’s base while the warm note of Amber makes it all come alive.

Angel Elixir Eau De Parfum Refillable Star MUGLER

A nebula of luscious vanilla infusion, empowered by cutting,edge woody Amber Xtreme™.

 Perfumers often have to work their magic to recreate these scents. Below, you can see some of the spring flowers used in perfumery.

Hyacinths have a strong fragrance that can be described as floral green with herbal aquatic undertones and sweet and spicy notes. The lilac flowers have a sweet, delicate floral scent with sweet powdery notes.

Magnolia smells like it looks: creamy, velvety and exotic. We can say that it has a delicate creamy floral aroma with a hint of lemon, spices and vanilla.

Last but not least, we have the wild flower or narcissus. Its scent can be extracted to obtain the very rare and expensive absolute narcissus extract. Up to 1200 kg of flowers are required to obtain 1 kg of the precious ingredient of perfumery!

The clean scent of linen

The smell of fresh bedding is also suggestive of spring. But how do perfumers interpret the smell of clean sheets? Traditionally, the fresh and aromatic scent of lavender is associated with a clean smell.

Chocolate or cocoa?

Spring wouldn't be spring without Easter and Easter wouldn't be Easter without chocolate! In other words, the pure smell of happiness…

Cocoa is used in perfumery in its absolute form. It is used to give an edible / gourmet note to a fragrance. It can also be used in ambery, oriental, spicy, woody and fruity fragrances.

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