It's Summer o'clock! Is there a better way to welcome summer than a total fashion transformation? We renew our wardrobe with airy, lighter, colorful options, discovering all the new trends in branded clothing, shoes, bags and elegant accessories for the ultimate summer look! Bright colors and cut-outs are a trend for this summer! Like every summer, this year, in the specially designed swimwear sections of Hondos Center you will find everything you need to create the ultimate summer look, both for the city and for your summer excursions! A one-piece swimsuit with prints or an all time classic bikini, in orange shade, will take off your summer look on the beach!

The sun helps us to improve our mood, however it may be harmful for the skin. Give protection and elasticity to your skin, wearing a sunscreen for face and body with a high protection index. Don’ t forget to put in your luggage, a hair sunscreen with a wonderful perfume, so that you can have healthy and shiny hair at all times. After sun exposure, revitalize your skin with a moisturizing after sun product.

You can give your tanned skin an impressive and shiny result, by using an oil that contains shimmers of gold. Create a sunburned look on your face and impress everyone! You will only need a small palette that includes Bronzer, highlighter, and blush, so that you can have the result you wish.

Take in your luggage, the essential summer products and get ready to experience moments of rejuvenation and relaxation, under the rays of the sun!

All you must do is enter a Hondos Center store and let your summer beauty journey begin.

Let the summer begin!
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