Summer beauty adventures under the sun!

Summer beauty adventures under the sun!

The sun is our number one ally during the summer, as it triggers the release of hormones that promote feelings like joy and happiness. However, we need to be careful, as sun exposure can be particularly harmful to the skin. Sun care products will keep the skin smooth and healthy, and they are a must-have for all our summer adventures!

Protect your skin from early signs of photoaging, discoloration and freckles, with unique products for the face and body. Visit our specialized departments at Hondos Center stores and discover a selection of sun care products, that are guaranteed to match your specific needs.

A face and body sunscreen with a high protection index, is ideal for every day of summer, combined with a sunscreen lip balm. In addition, a sunscreen hair spray will prevent hair breakage, keeping your hair healthy and shiny. Experience wonderful summer moments with top sunscreen products, for every skin type!

Extra Tip!
After sun exposure, do not forget to apply After Sun products, which will maintain your summer tan and make your skin soft and silky!

Enjoy wonderful and unique moments in the sun, through the huge variety of face and body sunscreens that you will find in the Hondos Center but also online at our eSHOP.

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