Sun protection by FREZYDERM

Sun protection by FREZYDERM

With summer approaching, the need for sun protection is more essential than ever. The warm, sunny weather makes it ideal for enjoying outdoor activities, but do not forget to slather on the sunscreen to protect you and your family against damaging ultraviolet radiation. With FREZYDERM sunscreens you can feel fully protected!

Total sun protection becomes a daily habit with FREZYDERM’s sunscreen product range and the innovative sun protection system, P.I.P System Plus. With respect for people and nature, FREZYDERM’s sunscreens have come to forever change the scenery of sun protection thanks to the state-of-the-art and award-winning Second Skin technology, an exclusive FREZYDERM patent. The full range of sunscreen products meet every need for sun protection, according to your daily habits and the needs of every skin type. Sunscreen products provide high-quality sun protection and are easily absorbed into the skin, without residue, are instantly spread while offering skin comfort. All these multiple and different advantages are what make FREZYDERM stand out among the sunscreens.

From creamy textured sunscreens, to mousse textures and sprays, with color or without, for men, women and children, FREZYDERM’s wide variety of sunscreens provide effective and safe protection against sun damage with light, non-oily, transforming textures, wonderful scents and a unique skin feel, will meet the needs of even the most demanding.

Let's not forget our little friends! FREZYDERM’s Baby Line is a complete range of dermocosmetic products with carefully selected natural filters that respect your child's sensitive skin, for endless games in the sun!

Keep it going!
With respect for people and nature, this summer once again, along with FREZYDERM sunscreens, spread the message #KeepItSafe for ultimate sun protection.

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