Valentine’s Gifts For Those We Love!

Valentine’s Gifts For Those We Love!

A sense of romance, sensuality and seduction roams the atmosphere, despite all odds. Valentine's Day, the most erotic day of the year is approaching and our need to enjoy it this year is greater than ever!

Even if you are not a fan of this holiday, we, as incurably romantics, have chosen for you products that will immediately put you in the most erotic mood, whether you are in a relationship or not!

Create the right atmosphere. Light a scented candle, put two drops of your favorite perfume on your neck, put on your new red lingerie and a red lipstick and you will see your sensuality levels skyrocket.

Armani Privé Candle Rouge Malachite
This fragrance is a tribute to the rarest ingredients used in high perfumery and embodied in a luxury scented candle. Clean and refined, each scented candle is included in a case that turns into a completely modern decorative piece for the home. The precious elixir is captured in the minimalist elegance of a Giorgio Armani design, signed by Armani, evoking romance and mystery in a fragrant experience lasting for the home.

Scarlet Poppy Cologne Intense
This charming fragrance is inspired by its huge exotic flowers and is enhanced by the velvety iris. Barley and tonka bean add a feeling of sweet nostalgia, while an explosion of juicy fig leads to an increasingly rich aroma.

Rouge Dior
Love with Color! For Valentine's Day we choose the intense timeless and luxurious purple, red color that highlights our lips in the most seductive way!

Lash Idôle Mascara
A mascara that offers volume to each lash separately. Immediate result of eyelash straightening, length and volume without knots, with the signature Lancôme.

Sexy innocence with our wonderful lingerie sets
Red is a fetish color, it is the shade of femininity and passion and Valentine's Day makes it even bolder and brighter.

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For Thessaloniki, you can make your purchases via Click Away!

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