1. What is www.hondoscenter.com and how does it work?

2. What is the structure of the Eshop?

3. Is it necessary to create an account in order to make a purchase?

4. Can I create an account?

5. How can I place an order and complete a purchase?

6. Can I place an order by phone?

7. What about product prices?

8. What about payment methods?

9. What about the delivery of your products?

10. Can I withdraw from the contract and under what conditions?

11. Are there products for which I cannot exercise my right of withdrawal?

12. Where to can I address, if I have a question about a purchase or a product I bought?

13. What is the company's liability to sell and what happens if I buy products with actual defects or lack of agreed properties?

14. What guarantees are given for the products?

15. What is the liability of the company -except for the liability from the sale-?

16. Do I have permission to access the Website? Are there restrictions regarding access to and use of the Website / eshop?

17. Is it possible to interact with social media or other publicly available pages?

18. What about intellectual property rights, Software, Content and trademarks associated with this eshop?

19. In the event of a disagreement or dispute with your company, what is the applicable law and jurisdiction?

20. What is the framework of our contract?

1. What is www.hondoscenter.com and how does it work?
1.1. The website www.hondoscenter.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Website" or the "Eshop") constitutes the entry in the online store of the company under the name "HONDOS CENTER DEPARTMENT STORES COMMERCIAL S.A." with headquarters in Athens, 10 Stadiou and Omirou str., with tax registration number 099879258, Tax Office for S.A. of Athens, with registration number (GENERAL COMMERCIAL REGISTRY) 4104501000, telephone no. 2144169060, (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" or "eshop"). Distance selling of products and cosmetics (for example: perfumes, creams, makeup, body care, hair care) of all categories (Branded Cosmetics, Skin-care, Daily Care) as well as toiletries and personal care accessories, personal care electrical appliances, etc. (hereafter referred to as the "Products"), is possible through the eshop and / or by telephone. Products may be sold only to any natural or legal person who has full legal capacity and whose purpose is not the resale or the commercial exploitation of the products. To this end, the following purchase threshold is set under Article 5.3.. The Company reserves the right to refuse the sale or delivery of products to any natural or legal person that there is evidence of breach of the specific condition of non-resale ability (with or without breach of the above threshold) or found at any time without having full legal capacity.
1.2. Access to the Website and the purchase of products through the Eshop and through telephone orders are subject to these terms and conditions, as well as to the Privacy Policy which form a single set (hereinafter referred to collectively as the "Terms and Conditions"). We invite you to read these Terms and Conditions carefully prior to any visit, use of the Website, creating an Account, or making purchases through the company's Eshop, as well as when making a telephone order, based on the relevant link you will receive by email. Navigating through the Website, making purchases from the Eshop, or otherwise using this Website and making phone purchases, are subject to and constitute your unconditional acceptance of all Terms and Conditions. Both the applicable Terms and Conditions and any amendments thereto constitute the contractual framework governing our relationship at any time (as applicable from time to time). In the event of a dispute or without prejudice to part or all of these Terms and Conditions, please refrain from making purchases through the Eshop and / or generally from accessing the Website, otherwise the acceptance of all Terms and Conditions by you is unconditional.

The above Terms and Conditions bind all parties (the Company and the users / customers) and constitute the entire contract of the parties and prevail over any and all previous and current contracts between you and the Company.

2. What is the structure of the Eshop?
2.1. In order to facilitate your search for products, the Website includes various sub-sections of product categories that you can buy or by category to which these products are addressed (products for use by men, women or children). Also, in the same context, you are provided with various search tools either (a) through fixed options, e.g. category "branded cosmetics", "dermo cosmetics", "daily grooming" products, "best sellers", "new in" or b) through a bar where you can insert details of your search. There is also a column with the eshop offers, an alphabetical index for product brands, and the “hc insider” sub-section where you can find HC magazine, company events, seasonal selections, special promotions, exclusive offers etc.. Last but not least, the Website also contains various information regarding the Company's natural stores, such as products offered exclusively by them, unique offers etc.
2.2. Sub-sections and search tools are solely for your convenience in navigating the eshop and in searching for products without taking into account any additional criteria or other parameters that may determine your choice. The Company does not bear any liability to you or to any third party, in relation to the automated results generated by the use of the aforementioned tools or the suitability of the products for the purpose you wish. You use the tools with your sole responsibility in relation to the exported results, the accuracy and the correctness thereof. In the case of a special offer or a special promotional view when the search data or the sub-sections are displayed, you will be informed accordingly. Also, for the use of any cookies for the display of the products to you, the cookies policy applies (see details here[DDG1] )
2.3. In particular, with regard to the magazine published by our Company, HC Magazine, you can access its content by clicking on the relevant HC Magazine icon, thus you can be redirected to our company's webpage at issuu.com as publisher (https://issuu.com/hondoscenter), where you can find older issues. By selecting the issue in which you are interested in reading, you can either read it online, share it on social media or forward it via e-mail, or download it as a pdf file. You do not need to create an account to access the content of the editions. However, as a visitor to this website, you are subject to the terms of use (https://issuu.com/legal/terms) and the privacy policy (https://issuu.com/legal/privacy) of the issuu.com. Respectively, keep in mind that during the reading of the magazine via issuu.com, cookies used by this site (https://issuu.com/legal/cookies) are used.

2.4. Our Company, responding to your needs for information, offers a wide variety of content about new products, events and beauty suggestions (Blog). This information is provided for your simple information and should not be considered as specialized advice or inducement to purchase a specific product. Specifically, articles from various beauty editors will be posted in the blog (HC INSIDER), who express their personal views on the topics for which they are writing, and therefore the company has no responsibility for the content of these articles or for any damage that may occur to a user / client or third party, due to or in connection with information received from these articles. Especially for matters related to cosmetics, it is advisable to consult specialized consultants such as doctors or other professionals, and the Company cannot be held liable for any damage that may be caused to a user / customer or a third party due to or on the basis of information received on the Website or posted on the Website.

3. Is it necessary to create an account in order to make a purchase?
You do not have to create a user account in order to make a purchase, as it is possible to buy as a guest (fast buy).

4. Can I create an account?
4.1. User Account: If you wish so, you can create a User Account as follows:
You go to the home page in the field "LOGIN – REGISTER" that appears above on the right side. By entering your email address and by clicking "REGISTER", you request the creation of an account at the eshop. Afterwards, you will receive a message from the Company that you created an e-shop account at your stated email address. Alternatively, you can create an account at the stage of placing an order as stated below under 5.4.. By submitting the registration form, you are requested to read and accept these Terms of Use, as well as the eShop Privacy Policy by clicking on the corresponding statement and by clicking on the "I ACCEPT" button. Instead of filling in your details on your own, you can also choose to sign in with your facebook account (Login with facebook) by setting your facebook username and password. In this case the provisions of Article 17 below apply.
4.2. Your Data Management Panel: You can choose whether you want to receive reminders for products you have forgotten in your basket, and whether you want to receive newsletters regarding general commercial communication. You will also be provided with a tool for managing your personal data processing options in your Account, where you will either be able to consent to contacting you or revoke such consent (for instance, because you have already consented to receive communication or because we have a legitimate interest in communicating with you due to a previous transaction with our company).
4.3. Correctness of submitted data: You are required to enter the required (and / or optional, if requested and you wish so) registration information upon registration. If you make a purchase, you will then be requested to fill in and, if you want, save the data related to the billing and / or delivery of the products (e.g. telephone, delivery address, billing information) in your Account for your convenience on your next purchases. For any data you disclose to us, either through your Account or for completing your purchase through a fast buy, you guarantee that it is absolutely correct, true, accurate, and up-to-date and that you disclose it to us lawfully.
You can modify, update, or correct at any time the personal data stored in your account, by entering your account and in particular the Account Information tab. Also, in your Account, you will find the Orders History tab, any returns you have made, and your registered shipping and billing addresses. You can also delete your account and your details completely by following the procedure in Article 4.6. below. More about processing of your personal data in our eshop by our company can be found in the Privacy Policy.

4.4. Statutory obligation of the eshop to inform you on your order status: Our Company is required under consumer protection law to send you updates within the context of the conclusion and execution of the distance sales contract (pre-contractual or after the contract). It is underlined that any information that will be given (in the context of fulfilling the company's obligations deriving from the sale - whether contractual or statutory) through the email address or other contact details that you have disclosed upon creation of account or when making your purchases at the Eshop, will be considered as valid even if it is not delivered to you due to an error in the details provided by you and / or due to technical or other damage to your server, and / or to your phone, and / or to your telecommunication provider and / or due to a change in your details (if you have not informed the company accordingly in due time). The Company has no liability in the event that the contractual or statutory obligations of the Company are not met promptly and properly due to the use of untrue, false or outdated personal data that you state. In addition, you bear full and exclusive liability for any damage or harm caused to the Company due to untrue, incorrect or outdated data stated by you.

4.5 Account Password Protection: An essential element is also the creation of a secret login password in your Account that you set yourself. The web page provides a tool that shows the complexity of the code by colour at the moment you set it ("weak" or "strong" password respectively). Keep in mind that if the password is automatically considered by the system to be unsafe, you will not be able to continue and thus you should set such password that it could be registered. With this password you will be able to access your Account whenever you wish so. This password identifies you and you should always keep it secret and safe. In particular, you bear full and exclusive liability for protecting the secret password you have created and use to enter your account. You should absolutely refrain from granting the password to third parties in order to prevent any unauthorized access and use. You should also inform the company immediately if you have any reason to believe that:
j) the secret password could or may have been known to a third party or
(ii) there is a risk that your password may be used without your permission.

You bear full and exclusive responsibility for any action (act or omission) taken through your account. The company disclaims any liability for damages resulting from the use of the account due to unauthorized access or use of your account unless you have previously informed the company accordingly at customer.care@hondoscenter.gr. If you forget your password, you will need to set a new password from scratch, as the password you set is encrypted and cannot be retrieved.

4.6. Account Deletion: You can deactivate your account at any time freely and at will, as following: you enter your Account and in particular your private data settings ("DELETE ACCOUNT") and submit a request ("Deletion Request"). Optionally, you can refer to us why you want to delete your account. Once your Account has been deactivated, any personal data is removed and any order data to be retained for other purposes is retained anonymously or pseudonymously. Please note that if your account is deleted, access to your purchase data by the company's customer care service will not be possible, nor will be tracking down your orders until then. We may also interrupt your Account by sending an e-mail in case the eshop ceases to function, or in case of detected or suspected or reported illegal use of your Account or any other reason relating to this contractual relationship and generally the company can refuse to sell products to you in the event of a breach of these terms (e.g., in case of resale).

5. How can I place an order and complete a purchase?
5.1. Product Selection: In particular, by entering our online store, you can choose the product you are interested in by checking at the corresponding product category. By clicking on the product you are interested in, you can view a photo of the product and its description and use instructions as written on the basis of the information provided by the supplier (importer or manufacturer) of the product. Since the product description simply includes some main features, you can contact us or visit any of our stores if you have any questions, or need clarification and more details about any product. Also, if you are interested in a product which appears to be unavailable, you can request from us by filling in your email to let you know once the product will be available again.
Wish List: The Company also provides you with a Wishlist tool where you can save your favourite products to purchase on your next visit, if you have an Account and choose this option. Attention: adding the product to the Wish List does not constitute a product reservation! The product is checked for availability at the time of submission of your order and the price is set at the time of submission of the order and is displayed on the eshop.

5.2. Add to cart: You can add the products you choose to your cart by clicking on the corresponding "Purchase" button. You can see details of your cart content (i.e. Products you have chosen in previous stages to purchase) at any time and to be informed of their cost and shipping costs (temporary data). At the same time, it is possible to modify the content of the cart by deleting part or all of its content or by changing the quantities you have selected.

Reminder for products in your cart: Please note that in your account, and specifically in the personal data settings field, you can enable the feature to receive reminders for any products you have left in your cart in your e-mail at the email address you have stated to us. Attention: enabling this feature does not constitute a product reservation! The product is checked for availability at the time of submission of your order and the price is set at the time of submission of the order and is displayed on the eshop.

5.3. Permitted Order Limit per Piece: Keep in mind that you have a maximum purchase items limit for a product per purchase (5 items / purchase)
5.4. Completion of product selection for order submission:
Afterwards, you proceed to the next stage required to complete your order submission. At this point you are requested to
either create a user account (or sign in if you already have an account or through your facebook account) for more details, see paragraph 4 of the Terms of Use.
Either complete the purchase as a guest - fast buy (without creating a user account).
Following the completion of your details, you are requested to fill in:
(a) the method of receipt, the name of the recipient and the address where he/she will receive, the recipient's telephone number and any comments concerning the delivery. By completing the postal code, you can calculate here the shipping costs. If you place your order while logged into your account, these details appear as pre-filled. Alternatively, you can add a new address.
(b) the billing information (if different from the delivery information)
c) the document you wish to issue for your purchase (receipt or invoice)
(d) the delivery method
(e) the payment method (see below under 8)
You can also submit any discount coupon for any current discount offer or an offer you are entitled to based on offers or programs of the Company. At this point, you will see a preview of the products and you will be informed of the total cost of the order (total price, shipping costs).

5.5. Completion of order and conclusion of purchase contract:
i) Then, and if you wish to purchase these products, you should first read carefully and accept these Terms and Conditions and then continue by clicking the "Order Completion" button with a payment obligation. In this way, you conclude a purchase contract for the products you have selected with the company. Upon completion of the purchase you will automatically receive an informative email that we received your order.
(ii) Availability check reservation:
The eshop is linked to the company's warehouse via automated mechanisms to determine the immediate availability of a product. However, in case that, due to an error in the operation of the automated warehouse control system regarding availability of a product, a product is eventually unavailable, you will be notified accordingly of the cancellation of the order and our withdrawal from the contract of purchase and the price that you have already paid will be refunded to you.
(iii) Price check reservation:
Also, the company takes all necessary measures to correctly display the prices on the products offered, however, it is possible that there will be a price error due to a technical error and therefore in this case you will be informed accordingly by email. Please, if you think that there is a clear product price error (for example, when there is a big deviation from the original price), please let us know and refrain from the purchase. We draw your attention even in cases where you reasonably expect very low prices (indicatively, discount period, Black Friday, etc.).
5.6. Information about delivery to the courier company: You will be informed at the contact details you have given to us with a new e-mail once the product will be delivered to the courier company, which will include all the necessary information for you to track the delivery of your order. If the courier company does not find you at the stated shipping address to deliver your order, a relevant sms will be sent to you by the courier company on the mobile phone number you have stated to us, so that you can arrange the delivery. In general, if there is any problem with your order, we will inform you accordingly by email or by phone.

6. Can I place an order by phone?

6.1. We accept phone orders, which are also governed by these terms and conditions. Following the reception of a phone order, the aforementioned order confirmation message (see under 5.5.) will be sent to the email address you have stated to us. Please note that the call center will operate for phone orders every day (Monday to Friday 09: 00-17: 00). While placing your phone order, you will also provide the Company with a valid email address in order to receive the statutory communication regarding the confirmation of the order and its progress. We also inform you that in the case of phone orders, telephone calls will be recorded by our call center. You will be notified accordingly through a recorded message upon execution of your order.
6.2. Please note that for phone orders, the use of cash on delivery is the only possible payment method.
6.3. You have the obligation to provide us with correct and complete information regarding the execution of the telephone order as provided for in Articles 4.3. and 4.4. above.

7. What about product prices?
7.1. Prices of the products listed on the Eshop are in euro and include value added tax (VAT). Prices listed on the eshop only apply to products purchased exclusively from the Company's online store and should not be confused with listed product prices at the Company's physical stores (where there may be a different price). The listed prices do not include the additional shipping charges that are added and for which we inform you prior to the completion of the order. The company reserves the right at any time to change its commercial policy with regard to delivery costs and payment methods, by informing you prior to the conclusion of each purchase of what is in effect each time.
7.2. The company generally reserves the right, which you accept, to modify freely the prices of the Products, to amend them and to change and / or withdraw the offers at any time by simply posting it on its eshop. You will be informed of what is in effect each time from the relevant post at the Eshop (which will be in effect for future purchases). Although the Company pays due diligence to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices displayed on this Website are accurate, errors may occur. In any case, the company reserves the right to cancel a purchase if an incorrect price is found on a product upon review of the correctness of the price stated in the eshop as referred to in Article 5.5. iii) above as well, whereas you should check the prices when they differ greatly according to the above.
7.3. In addition, keep in mind that if you use banking cards in your transactions with us, you can collect points on your purchases based on the cardholder's contractual frame with the card issuing bank and the agreements that the company has with these banks with respect to loyalty programs. In particular, you can collect points or redeem them, depending on the company's current co-operation framework with the respective bank. The company and the respective affiliate bank may at any time amend or terminate their cooperation framework or the conditions for collecting or redeeming points or the loyalty program in general.

8. What about payment methods?
8.1. Payment methods: For the purchase of Products through the Eshop, the intended payment methods are:
(a) in cash upon delivery of the Product (the permitted limit for the payment of the cash consideration is that laid down by law);
(b) by credit or debit card
In case of payment by credit card, this can be done with the cards accepted by the Eshop (and displayed at the payment settlement point). If you select the credit card as a payment, method, the process will be effected and completed through an accredited banking institution that provides all the security guarantees for electronic payments. The collection and processing of the payment details you submit is effected by the affiliated financial institution. The Company is also entitled to reject an order or withdraw from the sale at any time if it is determined or is likely to have any problem with the card details. It is understood that you are fully and solely responsible for the correct insertion and completion of your card details in the payment system.
Payment by instalments: You have the option of paying the order with interest-free instalments, which will be set based on basket value. In particular, for purchases of up to 50 €, there is the possibility of up to 3 instalments, for a value from 50.01 to 300 € there is the possibility of up to 6 instalments and for a value from 300.01 and above, there is the possibility of up to 12 instalments. In the case of payment of the order by instalments through the use of a credit card, the specific terms of the contract you have with the bank that issued the credit card apply. The Company does not bear any responsibility for any problem that may arise in relation to the credit card and the instalments. In order to resolve any problem that may arise, the buyer should contact the bank directly.

c) with paypal (where you are subject to the terms of use and the privacy policy of paypal, as well as its financial policy, e.g. commission, etc.)

8.2. We remind you that for phone orders, only the use of cash on delivery as payment method is possible.
8.3. In any case, the company reserves the right to change the settlement payment method and to add or modify the procedures without notice, as you will be informed of the applicable payment methods from their posting on the Eshop prior to the conclusion of each contract.
8.4. Points Redemption: In addition, depending on the company's current cooperation framework with each bank and the use of its cards by you at the eshop, you may be able to redeem points, depending on the offers running and the applicable agreement between the Company and this bank. You can see the current offers on the eshop’s website in the payment methods.

The company and the affiliate bank may at any time amend or terminate their cooperation framework.

9. What about the delivery of your products?

9.1. Courier Company: Delivery of the Products you purchase through the Eshop will be carried out via a courier company. The Company reserves the right to change the delivery policy of its products at any time, without penalty, by notifying you prior to the conclusion of the contract and only for future contracts. It is understood that the Company reserves at any time the right in its sovereign judgment to replace the courier company with which it cooperates.
9.2. Where does the delivery of the products take place and within what time limit: Delivery of the Products may take place only within Greece. The time limit for the delivery of the products depends on the delivery address, as well as on the time you place your order (provided of course that it will be confirmed) as follows:


Order Submission Time

Delivery Time

Place of Destination


Until 12:00

1-3 working days

Attica and land destinations


After 12:00

2-3 business days

Attica and land destinations


Until 12:00

3-4 working days

Island Destinations


After 12:00

3-5 working days

Island Destinations


Until 12:00

3-4 working days

Hard-to-reach areas

After 12:00

3-5 working days

Hard-to-reach areas


9.3. Shipping Cost Details and Tracking: You will be informed of the shipping cost when submitting your order. In case your entire basket contains products with a total value of over € 45, the shipping is free of charge. After delivery to the courier, we will send you a tracking number to your email so that you can track the progress of the delivery through a hyperlink on the courier's website.

9.4. If I am not present at the time of delivery: The Company bears no liability if the courier employee arrives within the above deadlines but can not deliver the product due to your absence. In this case, the courier employee will leave a delivery notice to the stated delivery address and will inform you by sms, and you will either have to call the courier company or go for a pick-up at the courier company (following consultation with them). However, it is noted that the courier company can get to your delivery point up to 3 times on your call, and within one week since the first delivery attempt. Then the product will be taken back to our company premises and the order will be cancelled and the money already paid by card or with paypal will be refunded.

9.5. How do I receive the products: We will deliver the products to you or to any third party that will appear at the place of delivery you have stated to us and that will declare that he/she has your authorization to receive the products. If you have paid by credit card or with paypal, we may ask you to show to the courier employee your identity details and / or your credit card. In any case, we have the right to refuse delivery to an entrance of a block of flats or to outdoor places to any person. In addition, you bear the responsibility to check the products upon their delivery and to inform us in the event of an error at once.

9.6. Liability disclaimer in relation to delivery arrangements: The company can not guarantee the proper and timely delivery of the Products to you when the delivery is carried out via the courier company (in which case there may be variation in delivery time), unforeseen weather conditions, strikes, etc. It is noted that the delivery date of the Products may be altered for reasons of force majeure or events of chance and events in general that are beyond the influence and control of the Company. You can track the progress of the delivery as stated in Article 9.3, and we will take care when it is habitual to inform you and especially about incidents of force majeure or chance or other inability.

10. Can I withdraw from the contract and under what conditions?
10.1. You are entitled by law to withdraw from this contract if you are a consumer, that is, a natural person acting for reasons which do not fall under your trade, business, craft or freelancing professional activity, without giving any justification, without prejudice to the of the terms of Article 10.2. below, by declaring it to the company within 14 calendar days since you obtained the physical possession of the goods.
Please note that withdrawal does not apply to legal entities!
In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, you will notify the Company by any reasonable means of your decision to withdraw from this agreement within 14 calendar days including a clear statement of withdrawal (for instance):
- letter by post or courier
- by email at customer.care@hondoscenter.gr
- or by completing the template on the Website
In the event of a withdrawal statement sent by e-mail, the company will send you a confirmation of your withdrawal. However, under the law, you yourself have the obligation to prove the exercise of the right to withdraw and return of the products as set out below.

10.2. Your Obligations to Return the Product within the context of withdrawal:
a) In order for the withdrawal to be exercised lawfully, you should notify the company accordingly within 14 calendar days and return the product within 14 calendar days from the notice of the withdrawal.
b) You should send the Products back to: Logika- Hondos Center -Georgiou Gennimata, Plakoto Place, 19018 Magoula, Attica.
c) You will be charged with the direct cost of returning the goods. The cost depends on the pricelist of the courier company you will choose. In case you choose to make a return with ACS or Speedex courier you can make the return at the cost of 5€ (up to 2kg) .
d) In order for a return to be accepted, the Product (cumulatively):
- should be in the state received,
- if its original packaging has been opened, this must be intact, free of wear and tear and returned with the Product,
- should be complete
- should bear all the documents accompanying the product (tags, labels, warranty form, instructions for use, etc.)
- should bring all the accessories and additional benefits that accompanied its sale,
- especially for cosmetics, which you acknowledge as products that are easily altered and are susceptible, the packaging of the products should additionally not be opened or unsealed, the product should not be soiled or spoiled, the product should not have exceeded the expiration date, as well as not exceed the date by which it can be used under appropriate conditions, see and Article 11 for more details.
- should not be included in the products exempted under Article 11 below.

10.3. Consequences of withdrawal

a) If you lawfully withdraw, the company will refund you all the money received from you without undue delay. The company is entitled to delay the refund until the Products are returned or until you provide proof that you have returned the goods, whichever occurs first. Should the order relates to more Products and only part of them is returned or part only meets the requirements of Article 10.2. (d), it is understood that the money will be refunded by analogy of the Products returned properly.
b) You expressly agree that the company will refund the money either by returning the amount to your credit card or to the paypal account if you have paid by this means or by depositing the money in a bank account that you will indicate to us if you paid in cash on delivery. To do so, you should fill in the IBAN of your bank account to which you wish to deposit the refund. You should disclose correct information to the company, which in any case is released from the obligation if it makes the deposit to the bank account number you have stated.

11. Are there products for which I can not exercise my right of withdrawal?
You do not have the right to withdraw from ordering products that can not be returned for hygienic or safety purposes. Below lies a list of products for which no returns are accepted:
Eyeliners - Mascara - Lip Gloss - Eyebrow mascara - Nail Polish (and Base Nail polish, Top Nail Coats, Nail Therapies) - Hair removal tool – Eye Lash Curler - Hand files - Nail clippers - Nail Scissors - Foot files - Trimming scissors - Eye Pencils - Lip Pencils - Eyebrow pencils - Root Dyeing Products – Deodorants - Set / Shaving Tools
Also, the return of products which have their security strip(s) or their special product protection shield removed, is not acceptable.
Same applies to personal care micro-devices that have just been unopened and cannot be returned (e.g. shaving and epilating machines). Please note that in order to determine the nature, characteristics, and function of the products you have purchased, you should treat them and examine them in the same way as you would be allowed to do so in a store and not more than that.

12. Where to can I address, if I have a question about a purchase or a product I bought?

We make every effort to fully satisfy our customers. You can contact the Customer Care Center at the telephone number 2160028002, Monday - Friday (09:00-17:00). It goes without saying that you can always contact the manufacturers and producers of the products themselves for any special questions regarding the products.

13. What is the company's liability to sell and what happens if I buy products with actual defects or lack of agreed properties?
13.1. The company bears the responsibility to fulfil the sale as stated in the Civil Code and the more specifically specified in this contract and in the Law on Distance Contracts and Consumer Protection. It is not responsible for direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential damages of the buyer or for loss of profit or damage to the reputation, clientele or esteem of the buyer, or the cost of providing substitute products and services arising from or are related to the purchase or sale contracts established in this eshop or from the use, or inability to use or operate, or failures of this Website. It is also not responsible if you are entitled to the refund of part or all of the consideration for any delay in the payment service providers involved in the execution of the relevant order which the company has given in time. The company does not guarantee that the pages, services, options, contents, prices, descriptions and availability of the products will be provided without interruption and without errors. In addition, the company is not responsible for the views of the authors of articles posted on the site as they reflect the personal views of these authors who write as beauty editors and therefore the company has no liability for any damage that may occur to a user / client or third party, due to or on the basis of information obtained from these articles.
13.2. The company will exercise due care to ensure that the photos of the products displayed on the Eshop and any videos posted on the Eshop reflect as much as possible the true state of the products. In any case, however, you agree that the products displayed in the photos and videos may deviate from the actual status, format, size, colour, and overall image of the products sold at the Eshop. The company is not liable in case of deviation of the product's photographic imagery or its image display in video from its true image. The company does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any information or content regarding any products, software or advertisements included in the Eshop and the informative part of the website, i.e. the HC Insider, as well as the third party content to which you refer through hyperlinks from the Eshop or to which the Eshop gives you access.
13.3. The Company makes all reasonable efforts to deliver to you the product you have ordered, which will bear the agreed properties and without any defects in accordance with Article 534 of the Civil Code. However, in the rare case that you receive a product with defects or if any other problem arises, you should immediately contact the company as follows, namely at customer.care@hondoscenter.gr or by phone at 2160028002, in order to be consulted on this matter and to exercise any of your rights. In any case, it is noted that the description of the components of the products and the information contained in the indications on the products in general, as well as the dates of their production and their expiry are stated by the suppliers themselves, whose details are written on the product and that the Company (which participates in the distribution chain only as an intermediary or final seller) is not obliged to and can not control, nor is responsible for the truth or accuracy of them.
13.4. In any case, you have the rights provided for in Article 5 of Consumer Protection Law 2251/94 and in Article 534 et seq. of the Civil Code. If it is actually a defective product or a product lacking the agreed properties and if you notify us during the period provided for in the warranty and / or the law, then in this case we will agree on how this can be corrected or whether it will be possible to be replaced by another product, unless such action is impossible or requires disproportionate costs. In any case of our liability for an actual defect or lack of an agreed property, you are entitled at your choice, in addition to the above right, to request a reduction in the price or to withdraw from the contract, unless it is a minor actual defect. Also, if during the period of the commercial guarantee, which provides repair of consumer goods, the goods show a defect and the required repair time exceeds fifteen (15) working days, you are entitled to request its temporary replacement for as long as the repair lasts.

14. What guarantees are given for products?
The guarantees are provided by the manufacturers themselves or the dealers (importers) of the products under their own responsibility. It is underlined that in addition to the guarantees provided by the manufacturers or dealers (importers), the Company does not provide its own guarantee or its extension. For the applicable warranty period under the terms provided by each manufacturer, you should also provide receipt or invoice with the specific business stamp upon the sale of the product, otherwise it is not possible to provide the guarantee. The company bears no liability for the compliance of manufacturers and importers with their statutory obligations with respect to warranties. It should be noted that the guarantee period is proved exclusively and only from the date of the purchase receipt of the product and in case of its loss the warranty cannot be invoked.

15. What is the liability of the company -except for the liability from the sale-?
15.1. The company and its partners make every effort, within the framework of the technological control that they perform at regular intervals, to ensure that the services, content and transactions are carried out seamlessly and intermittently, in order to maintain the high level of security at its disposal. It is not responsible, however, for any reason, including negligence, in case that the Eshop is interrupted or becomes difficult and / or impossible to access and / or if, despite the security measures in place, "Viruses" or other harmful software is detected and transmitted to user / guest terminals, or if unauthorized third parties interfere in any way with the content and operation of the Eshop, making it difficult to use or causing problems in its proper operation or intercepting info on personal data of the users. In addition, the company is not liable in the event of a failure to access the Eshop for reasons beyond our sphere of influence, as well as for reasons arising from technical or other vulnerability of the network or for reasons of force majeure or of events of chance.
15.2. The Company is not liable for any loss or damage that may be caused by a denial of service attack, viruses or other technologically harmful material that may infect your hardware, software, data, or other proprietary material due to its use of this Website or due to the downloading of any material posted on this or any affiliated website.
15.3. The entire content of the Website is provided "as is" without any conditions or other guarantees as to its accuracy or suitability for use or intended purpose of the offered products. Consequently, access to the Website is solely at the responsibility of the guest. In addition to what is stated in these terms, to the extent permitted by the law, the Company does not bear any obligations and guarantees which it has not expressly assumed.
15.4. For any other damages resulting from the use or navigation on the Eshop, the Company disclaims all liability for any loss, possible damage, indirect damage, loss of profit, which include non profits, loss of data, termination of activity, damage to reputation or esteem, or for any market cost for substitute products or any other damage regardless of nature, that could result from the use of the Websites and / or its Applications or their content or the inability to use the Websites / Applications, failure to participate in a potential bidding or offering and / or failure to purchase or dispatch any object or product related to its Websites and Applications irrespective of whether such damages could have been foreseen or incurred under the contract, to conclude the sale, from the products displayed on the Eshop or on the Eshop, through tort or negligence, on the basis of applicable law or otherwise. In any case, however, and if any damage is due to a proven fault of the company, the latter is liable only to cover any positive damage to the injured party that is proven to be related directly to the injurious event and to the culpable act or omission thereof. In case of negligence, any damage is limited to the amount of the value of the product sold. All limitations of liability set forth in these Terms of Use, which the User of the Website acknowledges and accepts as a whole as valid and in accordance with good faith and fair trading practice, also apply.

16. Do I have permission to access the Website? Are there restrictions regarding access to and use of the Website / eshop?
16.1. You are granted a non-exclusive license for access and personal use of the Eshop for the purposes specifically described in these Terms and Conditions. This license does not in any way entail any license to download or modify the Eshop or any part thereof, which is permissible only upon written permission of the Company. The access license provided to you does not allow any resale or commercial use, reproduction, creation of copies, copying, transmission, communication, putting on the market, modification or licensing or other exploitation of Eshop or its content, any collection and use of any catalogues, descriptions or product photos, any derivative use of the Eshop or its content, any downloading or copying of account information for the benefit of another merchant or any use of extraction tools, robots, or similar data collection and export tools. It is forbidden in any way to use or otherwise exploit the Eshop and its content for professional or commercial purposes. In addition, all trademarks appearing on the Eshop are properly subject to legal protection.

16.2. It is forbidden to use frames or frame techniques to enclose any trademark, logo or other proprietary information (including images, text, page layout or form) of the company and its affiliates without their written consent. You may not use any "meta tags" or any other "hidden text" based on the brand or trademark of the company or its affiliates without their written consent. In the event of unauthorized use, the license granted by the company ceases to be valid.
16.3. It is underlined that it is forbidden to block the operation of the website and the e-shop and to replace or modify its contents (pictures, photographs, texts etc.). It is forbidden in any way to commit or facilitate criminal offenses, the transmission of viruses, trojan horses, worm type viruses, logical bombs, and any action in general that may result in unacceptable or excessive burden on the infrastructure or the operation of the website and of the online store. You should observe the privacy obligations whereas you should refrain from any use of the website in a vulgar, offensive, illegal or obscene way.
16.4. In addition, you should not destroy data, disturb others, violate third-party property rights, send unsolicited advertising or promotional material commonly known as "spam" or attempt to influence the performance or functionality of any other features of the Website or features to which you have access through the Website. Breach of this provision is a criminal offense under Greek legislation. We acknowledge that the Company will disclose any such violation that may come to its notice to the competent authorities. In addition, it will disclose to the Authorities any information that will be requested from it in accordance with the law.
16.5. The use of the website is done by you with your full and exclusive responsibility. Connection with the Eshop is made under these Terms and Conditions by your own means and through selected by you companies and providers.
16.6. Eshop is connected through links to other Websites that are not related to the company and their content is not controlled by the latter ("Affiliated Sites"). Therefore, the Company does not guarantee the correctness, legality, completeness, update, truth, accuracy or quality of the content posted on the Affiliated Sites and is not responsible for it or for any loss or damage that may be caused by or on the occasion of its use or due to or on the occasion of the sale of products through it. Similarly, the company cannot control the collection and processing of your personal data by the Affiliated Sites and therefore does not bear any liability with respect to such collection and processing. When you use Affiliated Sites, the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of each particular website apply accordingly. For any matter that may arise indicatively in relation to content or the use of an Affiliated Site, please contact the owner or administrator of the Affiliate Site directly. The company in no way embraces or accepts or approves the content or services of Affiliated Sites, to which you refer through hyperlinks.
16.7. In any case, the user of the website is solely responsible for any damage that may be caused to the Company due to negligent or improper use of the website itself or of the products and services made available through it. You agree to indemnify, defend and release the Company and its directors, executives, employees, consultants, representatives and partners from any and all third party claims, liability, damages and / or costs (including, but not limited to, lawyer fees) arising out of or in connection with the use of the Website by you or your breach of the Terms and Conditions. In any case, you should notify the company at once at info@hondoscenter.gr if it comes to your attention or you have reasonable suspicions or indications that you have done it yourself or it has been made (even at your negligence) any illegal or unconventional use of the Website in order for the company to be in a position to take the necessary measures to limit any damage.
16.8. Connection to our Website is only permitted if you act in a fair and lawful manner, and you refrain from any action causing damage to the reputation of the Company, or improper exploitation of it. Additionally, it is forbidden to create any connection implying any kind of relationship with us, or approval or support from us when that does not exist. You should not create a connection to any Website not owned by you. This Website may not be placed in a frame on any other website, nor can you create a link to any part of this Website other than the homepage. We reserve the right to remove the licence to connect without justification, without penalty and without prior notice of the customer.

17. Is it possible to interact with social media or other publicly available pages?
The Website provides to you the option of interacting with social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). These may allow access to and / or connection to your social network accounts. The company does not control your social networking services and profiles on them. Therefore, the company cannot set rules on how to use your personal information in these services or change your privacy settings in these services. Before you use any of these features available on our Website, we recommend that you read all policies and information about the services of their respective social media so that you can be better informed about their privacy policies. The company bears no liability for any actions or omissions of any social networking services provider or for your use of the features included on their platform. For any issue arising from or on the occasion of the use of social media, the user should contact them directly, not the company.

18. What about intellectual property rights, Software, Content and trademarks associated with this eshop?
18.1 www.hondoscenter.com is the official website of the Company through which it operates its online store. Intellectual property rights regarding the software as well as the content of the Website belong either to the Company or to the legitimate beneficiaries and are protected by applicable copyright law. You hold no license or consent to use, in any way, the trademarks appearing on the Eshop or the trademarks owned by the Company or third parties (producers / suppliers / manufacturers / dealers of the products that the company sells). In addition, all trade names appearing on the Eshop are properly subject to legal protection.
18.2. The appearance and display of the content of Eshop is not understood as a transfer and / or granting of a license and / or the right to use it. You can save, print and display the available content for personal use only. It is prohibited to publish, manage, sell, distribute, totally or partially copy, transfer, process, store, republish, modify or reproduce otherwise, make copies in any form or other exploitation of the Eshop or any part of the content or copies of the content that appears on the Eshop for any commercial purpose, without the written consent of the company. It is also not allowed to modify, translate, decompile, reconstruct or create derivative works by using any software or accompanying documentation offered by the company or its licensors.
18.3. We underline that any trademarks / trade names appearing on this Website are the property of the respective lawful owners and trademark owners. Any reference to a trademark or trade name that appears in our online store, is used solely to describe or identify the products sold and the services offered. Such reference can in no way be considered or construed as a confirmation that the specific products and services are supported by or associated with the Company in any way other than the above. You may not export and / or reuse parts of the Website's content without our written consent. In particular, you may not use any data mining tools, robot, or similar data collection and export tools to export any content (either one or more times) or reuse any essential parts of this Website without our express written consent.

19. In the event of a disagreement or dispute with your company, what is the applicable law and jurisdiction?
19.1. These terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Greece. You agree by accepting these Terms and Conditions to be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the City of Athens in Greece. Here[DDG3] you can also see the Consumer Code of Conduct on E-Commerce.
19.2. According to the Directive 2013/11 / EC, which was incorporated in Greece under Joint Ministerial Decision 70330/2015, the possibility of electronic dispute resolution of consumer disputes with the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is now provided for throughout the European Union. If the customer is a consumer (i.e. a natural person acting outside of a professional capacity) and has any problem with a purchase he/she has made on our Website, he/she can initiate the ADR process through a single EU-wide online dispute resolution platform ODR) available at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.choose Language
which enables consumers and suppliers to submit any disputes arising from online purchases in an online dispute resolution process. The Certified Body for the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is: the European Consumer Center of Greece (ECC GREECE) - Consumer Ombudsman, Alexandras Avenue no. 144, 11 471, Athens, +30 2106460284 +30 2106460784 info@eccgreece.gr and url http://www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr/.
It is noted that a necessary prerequisite for the consumer to address the Alternative Dispute Resolution is to have previously communicated his/her problem to us at customer.care@hondoscenter.gr in order to find a solution or by calling on 2160028002. The ADR procedure is legally non-binding for those parties that may withdraw from it at any time. Consumer can contact this ADR body to guide him / her throughout the process of filing and processing his / her complaint. For more information on the Alternative Dispute Resolution, please visit http://www.efpolis.gr/el/epanorthosi-askisi-dikaiomaton/79-exodikastiki-epilisi.html

20. What is the framework of our contract?
20.1. We reserve the right:
a) to amend at any time, all or part of these terms of use, such changes will be valid upon their posting and you will be informed thereof upon completion of your purchase each time and / or (at the option of the Company) with relevant pop-up message when entering the e-shop (when required) or your Account - if you have an Account or even with an individual contact to your contact details.
b) renew or upgrade or restrict part or all of our eshop content and products
c) renew or upgrade part or all of the external interface, structure or configuration of the eshop as well as its technical specifications as well as
d) restrict access to part or all of the eshop.
e) The Company also reserves the right at any time, unjustifiably and without prior notice to the guest of the Website to cancel, suspend, suspend permanently or temporarily or terminate its operation.
f) It is underlined that the Company reserves the right to modify the products offered for sale, permanently or temporarily cease the selling of products (some or all) of specific or all suppliers without prior notice to the user.
g) change the way the Eshop works and the charges, as well as
(h) to post offers for a certain period of time and / or until stocks run out, to make regular or extraordinary discounts, to conduct contests, and so on.
20.2. In the event that any term of the contract is found to be abusive or invalid, it shall not invalidate any other terms of the agreement, which remain valid and bind the parties. If any part of these Terms and Conditions is found invalid, void or unenforceable (including any provision in which we exclude our liability towards you), the enforceability of any other part of the Terms and Conditions shall not be affected - all other conditions will remain fully in force. In any case, if possible, a term / sub-term or part of a term / sub-term may be taken into account separately to make the remaining part valid, the term will be interpreted accordingly. Otherwise, the parties agree that the term should be corrected and interpreted in such way to approximate as much as possible the original meaning of the term / sub-term, in accordance with the law.
20.3. Any delay in the exercise of part or all of the rights by the parties under these terms does not entail weakening or waiver of the right in question, which may be exercised at any time at a later stage and according to the reasonable judgment of the holder of the right.
20.4. The headings in the form of a question contained in these terms and conditions are only given for reference purposes and will not affect their meaning or interpretation.

Last updated: 02/08/2018