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    Here's to the ones who dream big. A new generation of conquering women. Strong. Outspoken. Empowered. Here’s to the leaders of tomorrow, daringly reaching for the sky and opening new horizons. Here’s to the new idols, paving the way for others. Declare the time is now, be your own IDÔLE. Great perfumes can precipitate the Zeitgeist and define new eras. This is what IDÔLE came for. IDÔLE breaks the established codes of fragrance, bringing to life the essence of a new spirit. Discover the addiction of the future: the clean addiction. List of Sustainably Sourced Perfume Ingredients: 1. The Roses With a powerful and addictive clean accord at its heart, Idole is a fragrance like a blank canvas. At the core of this fragrance stands the most noble and iconic perfume ingredient, the rose. Four types of roses, three types of extractions, two geographic origins… were necessary to create a radiant, ultra natural, youthful rose scented perfume. 2. The Jasmine Flower Jasmine flower is one of the most spotless and delicate flower in perfumery. Within IDÔLE, jasmine absolutes oil accompany the roses heart, revealing a creamy, clean, intense softness. Its floral heart shapes the halo of IDÔLE, its light glowing throughout the perfume with radiance and sensuality. 3. The White Chypre Through the abundance of fresh and radiant petals, a chypre sophistication emerges. Modernized with a combination of musks, the white chypre brings IDÔLE its exceptional lingering scent for a nude sensation. The clean and glowy addiction is on its way, enabling each woman to reveal her own halo, her own glow. Three enthisiastic and committed female perfumers from three different continents came together to create this unprecedented rose, jasmine and chypre fragrance. Together, they made IDÔLE a universal perfume. Made by women, for women, IDÔLE respects communities thanks to sustainably sourced perfume ingredients. Freed from the old world, IDÔLE is a fragrance that does not compromise with your dreams. A refillable perfume bottle with a dynamic silhouette sharp as will, maintained by a golden blade, symbol of women’s will and determination. A pure and luminous Cristal screen, as wide as dream and imagination. A fragrance like a tribute to the incredible, inviting us to discover unseen dimensions. Made in the future, we believe IDÔLE is the thinnest fragrance bottle in the world, easy to refill and available for bottle engraving. A new frame of mind, a design fusing naturally with the hand, an openness waiting for your grasp. Forever refillable, forever yours.



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