• PHONE ORDERS with delivery

Service Hours Το find the service hours of the store of your choice , click HERE.

Minimum Order: 30 €

Shipping Costs (applies for 5km distance within your municipality): 2.5 €

For telephone orders from 45 € and over, Free Shipping is applied (applies for 5km distance within your municipality).

Payment methods:
- Cash on delivery or by card via the portable POS
- By Deposit in a bank account

Order phone: You can find the phone of the store that serves your area HERE.

Phone orders service is offered at selected Hondos Center physical stores.

See HERE which stores are available for phone orders and find the one that is near you.

Delivery is only possible within the exact service area of each store. Contact the store that serves your area for more details.

Returns - changes of goods will be made after the start of normal operation of the stores full time.


•Click Away

Do your shopping at Hondos Center store that serves you with a phone call!

Call your nearest Hondos Center store!

Click Away Service order process *

Ordering: The customer will place his order through telephone communication, telephone order from the store and payment to the specific company.

Collecting the order: The customer receives his order after consultation with the store at the entrance of the store.

Click Away * payment methods:
- By deposit through a bank account
- Via the POS system outside the store with the wireless machine.

* In this case, in order to move, the customer must have in his possession an electronic receipt (deposit) or an SMS (in case the customer chooses to pay outside the store by POS) from the company that will mention:
• the name of the company
• the VAT number
• the customer's name
• Exact time at which the customer will be able to receive his order.

Only one person is allowed to receive his order and not groups of individuals, entire families or groups.

The order will be delivered to one and picked up by one.
Queues outside stores will only allow up to 9 people. (at a distance of at least 2 meters between people).

*Click away service can only work in businesses that have an external entrance on the street. Click away service  is not available for online orders.

For more information about the opening hours of the stores and the terms of use of the service, call the store of your choice.